Experimenting at the moment on making a different surface of the painting. Fragments, shards and jagged edges of paint jot out and prick at the eye.

These photos were taken with the black paint still drying. I have used a highly matt finish which should create interesting ranges of blacks and greys. 

I introduced one of my students to the two pieces of work shown here by Diogo Pimentao.

During the conversation I was reminded about an experiment I had started but had yet to resolve. I am going to make some work based on the layering of fractured surfaces. The texture will be different to the folded paintings and I am sure this disparity will emphasise rather than detract if both are hung in close proximity. 

Mixing the final coat for Carapace.


A short story.

Mixing colours today for my new painting Carapace

In the process of editing a short film that includes an extract from a short story I am in the middle of writing.


Godfrey Reggio | Philip Glass


Philip Glass Creativity Conversation at Emory 

(Source: youtube.com)

"A Grey Present ? Pessimism, Culture and the Contemporary"

(Source: vimeo.com)

Using the rectangle, my aim for C05 was to not express, but bring to expression the formal characteristics of mass, weight, gravity, volume. 

Through compressing, twisting and pushing the skin of paint physically, the rectangle’s objectivity remains the same, however through intuition, form is now able to present itself. Both dimensions are cited. 

Rectangle no. 2

120 x 240 | 120 x 240 cm 

Skin of paint applied to wall 


Rectangle no. 1 

120 x 240 | 32 x 41 cm 

Skin of paint applied to wall 


Rectangle no. 3

140 x 300 | 80 x 25 cm 

Skin of paint applied to wall